Dundee Utd 0 - 3 Albion Rovers

Qualifying Cup - Final 2nd Replay
Saturday, December 27th, 1913, 1:45 PM at Tynecastle Park
Attendance: 1,500
Dundee Utd  Albion Rovers

None. Watson

Team Managers
Pat Reilly

Starting Eleven
Charlie McPhillips
George Forbes
Jack Hannan
Bill Henderson
Sam Whyte
Tom Boland
Ned MacDonald
William Brown
Collie Martin
Fred Stoessel
Willie Linn
D Ewing
R Ewing

The destination of the Qualifying Cup is at last settled. Albion Rovers had a surprisingly big victory over Dundee Hibs at Tynecastle, and on the day's play they deserved their success. The match was, however, spoiled by the absolutely wretched conditions which prevailed and the almost unplayable state of the ground. It was the ground as much as anything else that beat the Hibs.

They never fell into their game, whereas the Rovers rose triumphant above the handicaps which the weather imposed, and played with surprising dash and skill. They kept up a wonderful pace throughout, and with little bits of luck assisting them now and again the Rovers had a day out. Luck was not with the Hibs, and on several occasions they experienced hard lines when they were playing desperately to reduce the leeway. Besides its effect on the game, the weather also had a most depressing effect on the gate receipts, which all told amounted to a little over 20, made up almost entirely by the "offerings" of the enthusiasts who followed the teams from Dundee and Coatbridge, respectively. The Coatbridge element were satisfied that their money had been well spent when they saw their team obtain the trophy.

The Hibs had to act on the defensive for quite a long time in the first half, and it was not until the Rovers had scored that they made any impression on their opponents. McPhillips saved a considerable number of dangerous shots, and was none too well supported by Hannan and Forbes, who were very shaky at the start. Later on the Hibs backs improved. The Tannadice halves worked like Trojans, only to find that their forwards could not respond to their lead - the ground was dead against the style of the Hibs' forwards. Henderson played well, and so did White and Boland. Collie Martin was the "green men's hope" so far as attack was concerned. The burly Brechin "chiel" broke away repeatedly, but got few chances to his liking, and his single-handed efforts were often repulsed by the Rovers' backs. Linn was plucky to a degree, but Brown, McDonald, and Stoessel were clearly ill at ease on the slushy, heavy ground.

Mr Duncan Campbell, vice-president of the SFA, presented the cup at the close to Mr Hugh Thom, the president of Albion Rovers, and it fell to Mr Pat Reilly to respond to the toast of the losers. "Pat" made a sporting reply, and congratulated the winners on their success.

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